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Thin SFTP Applet Configuration

The appearence and behaviour of the secure FTP applet can be configured by editing the thinsftp.properties file. This file should be placed on the same folder as the applet JAR file.

Applet Color

You can change the color of the applet so that it blends in with the color scheme of your website. You can do so by using the bgcolor property. The format is an RGB value similar to what is used in HTML.





Toolbar and Menu

The toolbar that contains the username and the hostname fields along with the connect and disconnect buttons can be hidden with the hide_toolbar property. If you hide the toolbar make sure not to hide the menubar (see blow) so that the users can still connect. When the toolbar is hidden but the menubar is visible the applet will display a dialog box asking for the hostname and username (once connect is chosen from the menu).



The menubar at the top of the applet can be hidden by using the hide_menubar property.



Default Hostname and Username

If you want to pre fill the hostname field with a default values you can make use of the default_host property. Either a fully qualified domain name or an IP address can be used.



The username field can be prefilled by making use of the default_user property. Please make sure that the user account exists on the FTP server.



If you choose to prefill both the username and the hostname fields you can lock these fields too. Use this feature if you wish to prevent the user from connecting to other servers with your installation of the applet. Set the default_only property to yes.



Known Hosts

When the Thin SFTP client connects to a server it will attempt to validate the host's identity by comparing the host's key agains the key that is contained in the known_hosts file. If the known_hosts file was not found, or a matching key was not contained in the file, it the applet will ask for confirmation before sending login information.

This procedure is vital to ensure that the server is what it claims to be. However some non technical end users of the applet may become confused by the confirmation dialog. Therefore the option has been made available to switch off this feature (at your peril)

The check_hostkey setting can be used to switch off host key checking if you use this option the applet will not display a confirmation dialog when the hosts identify cannot be verified.



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